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About Us

We Are A Top Metals Products Manufacturer, Processor, And Distributor Dedicated To Providing High-Quality Products At A Highly Competitive Price. We Collaborate With Our Customers To Know Their Problems And Build The Best Solution For Them.

30 Years of Industry Experience

Dass Steel Service Centre is a wholly-owned Canadian family business that has been in the construction and development industry for over 30 years. Our team of professionals includes individuals with rich experience in all areas of the steel framing industry.

300,000 sq. ft. Facility in Vaughan, Ontario

Our objective is to grow the range of products we will be producing at this facility with the objective to enter new markets with existing products while developing new products for existing markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our work transcends conventional barriers of business because we care deeply about the community. And we believe it is our duty to facilitate inclusive growth.

We see CSR as critical to our successful and long-term relationships with employees, customers, and the communities in which we work. At The JDass, our CSR covers all aspects of corporate authority, ensuring we conduct our business in an ethical and social way.

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