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Corrugated Steel

Corrugated Steel

Dass Steel is the largest supplier of corrugated metal. Our products are manufactured in cutting-edge facilities and are renowned for their unrivaled excellence.

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Corrugated stainless steel can be used for roofing or wall cladding and a wide variety of industries. Buildings have been covered in corrugated roof sheets, also known as roof cladding, for many years, and they remain highly popular today because of how simple they are to install and how well they protect. Dass Steel Service Centre distributes full prime steel galvanized corrugated roof sheets to companies, contractors, and homeowners. They are also perfect for garages, sheds, workshops, stables, farm and storage buildings, and barns. In addition, our corrugated sheets can be utilized as single-skin sheeting, as an additional roof covering, or as a component of double-skin built-up insulation systems.

Corrugated steel roofing sheets are the most durable profile with a traditional appearance, simple to install, lightweight, fire-resistant, and especially cost-effective. They can tolerate harsh weather conditions, including snow, hail, storms, heat, and even hurricanes, because they are weather-resistant.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Application

Corrugated steel sheets are used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas storage tanks for wind deflection, roofing for underground and above-ground platforms, piping & ducting, architectural applications, filtration, bus shelters, and animal shelters, oil & water separators, and metal jacketing for LNG and FLNG.

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