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Pre-Painted Steel Supplier

Dass Steel Service Centre is a leader in providing steel services and highly engineered, pre-painted steel products. We offer the best range of pre-painted galvanized steel with effective and timely delivery. Furthermore, we can offer you our high-quality products, prompt delivery, and customized galvanized steel painting.


The flat surface of newly galvanized steel prevents coating adhesion. Zinc is used in galvanized paint to shield metals from rusting or corrosion. Pre-painted galvanized steel is galvanized steel that has undergone several paint coats and treatments in a continuous coil coating line under strictly controlled conditions.

Coil Coating (pre-paint) is a one-step process involving cleaning, pre-treating, priming, cold galvanizing spray with inorganic or organic coatings, curing, and re-coiled steel or aluminum strip. Prepainting removes the requirement for in-plant post-painting, resulting in cost reductions in space, labor, inspection, insurance, energy, and pollution control.

Pre-paint steel is a corrosion-resistant substrate that is either bare metal or has had paint applied to both sides by a continuous coil coating process, resulting in a consistent galvanized paint finish. The metal is cleaned, unwound, and chemically treated throughout the process. Then, one or both sides may be oven-cured, primed, coated, and wound, according to the product specifications.


Galvanized Paints

Types of Galvanized Paint Steel


Large and tiny wrinkled PPGI are included in the matte PPGI. For roofing sheets with a longer lifespan, the paint coating’s thickness of 20 m to 45 m makes colorization difficult.

Steel Sheet with Brick Patterns in Galvanized Spray Paint

A sheet of galvanized steel has a brick pattern printed on it.

Marble-Colored Painting Galvanized Steel

The marbled design is imprinted on a sheet of galvanized steel.

Steel with Camouflage Cold-galvanized Spray

A printing of camouflage design on galvanized or aluminum sheets.

Wooden Design on Prepainted Steel

Print wood grain patterns on galvanized or aluminum sheets.