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Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Supply

Large quantities of hot-rolled steel are on hand and available for shipping at Dass Steel Service Centre. We provide personalized quotes and have very affordable prices.


Steel that has been roll-pressed at extremely high temperatures over their recrystallization point of 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit is known as hot rolled steel. It becomes more pliable in this state, making it possible to mold it into various shapes readily. Practically speaking, hot-rolled steel sheets are less expensive and require less processing than cold-rolled steel.

How is hot-rolled steel defined?

When rolled into a sheet, the alloy’s temperature gives hot rolled steel its name. Steel heated above the point of recrystallization and forced between two rollers to achieve a specific length and thickness is known as hot rolled steel. The steel, as a result, can be more pliable and flexible. For hot-rolled steel sheets, slitting, shearing, blanking, stretcher leveling, degreasing, and brushing are Dass Steel service capabilities.

Hot rolled steel sheets are cost-effective and provide consistent performance and adaptability. Basic carbon steel materials like hot rolled steel sheets are frequently utilized in applications where dimensional tolerances and surface finish quality are not crucial.

Applications of Hot Rolled Steel