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Biggest Supplier of Electro-Galvanized Steel Sheet

Choose from a wide range of Dass Steel Service Center products, including electro-galvanized steel. We have a variety of electro-galvanized steel in stock. We can assist you in selecting the best electro-galvanized steel for your application based on the manufacturing process and the environment in which the steel will be used.


The electro-galvanized sheet is carbon steel with a corrosion-resistant zinc coating electro-deposited on one or both sides. The continuous electrolytic coating technique provides a highly consistent thickness to the steel surface, which can help with forming and joining processes.

A uniform coating is applied to the steel surface during the continuous electrolytic coating process. As a result, electro-galvanized steel has a uniformly thin, smooth, and matte-looking zinc covering. Electro-galvanized steel’s benefits are higher corrosion resistance, better performance, an easily paintable surface, and formability.

Making of Electro Galvanized Steel

When zinc is electroplated onto steel, electro-galvanized steel is obtained. The zinc offers corrosion resistance, like galvanized steel and galvannealed steel. Because it is typically constructed from cold-rolled steel, electro-galvanized steel is also sturdy. The zinc coating will be thinner than hot-dipped steel and may not survive as long in severe settings, but it will also be lighter than hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Applications for Electro Galvanized Steel